CROSSFIRE 2017 Global Invitational – the registration for the European Qualifier starts today!


Berlin, Germany, June 9th, 2017.  On June 9th, the registration for the European qualifier for the CROSSFIRE 2017 Global Invitational will open. The offline tournament from Smilegate’s globally successful first-person shooter will take place in Shanghai, China in August 2017. Current National Champion Flipsid3 Tactics has already qualified as the first European representative.

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With more than 8 million players around the world, CROSSFIRE is one of the most successful esports titles currently operating. Even after a decade since its release, CROSSFIRE is still playing in the big leagues: just in March, the statistical company SUPERDATA published an overview in which CROSSFIRE hit second place amongst the top grossing PC titles.

European Teams Are About to Fight Their Way to Shanghai

Starting in the middle of June, the European qualifier begins with two preliminaries before culminating in a Final on June 24th. The last team standing in Europe will be invited to the CROSSFIRE 2017 Global Invitational, due to take place in Shanghai, China starting on August 1st.

European qualifier schedule:

Preliminary I – June 16th

Preliminary II – June 19th

Final – June 24th, Livestream

Showmatch: Qualifier CROSSFIRE PRO LEAGUE – June 25th, Livestream

Four-day Offline Final in China

As an added bonus, this team will have the chance to play against Flipsid3 Tactics on June 25th, with the winner claiming a slot in China’s biggest esports league, the CROSSFIRE PRO LEAGUE (CFPL). The CFPL Season 11 is going to be the most international esports competition in China with teams from all over the world set to take part.

The CROSSFIRE 2017 Global Invitational is organised by Smilegate and Tencent. There, both qualified European teams will meet their rivals from the other four regions (China, Brazil, the Philippines, and Vietnam). In front of a live audience, they will play for the prize pool of 200,000 USD, which will be divided between the first four places.

Global Invitational Date & Location Livestream
Group Stage &
August 1st – 3rd,
Taicang, Suzhou
Grand Final August 6th,

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