CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational 2018


Smilegate Europe joined the biggest esport event in Europe bringing back the CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational 2018, where 4 teams competed for the champion title and lion’s share of the $30,000 USD.

Every year Intel® Extreme Masters (IEM) is sponsored by Intel and organized by ESL, the world’s largest esports company. It is the world’s longest running pro gaming circuit, this year making stops in Sydney, Shanghai, Oakland and then Katowice. Growing year on year, IEM 2017 was attended by 173,000 fans and reached more than 46 million unique online viewers.

“We are delighted to be returning to Europe for a second time with CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational,” said Smilegate CROSSFIRE eSports director Brady Yeo in a statement. “ESL is one of the leading professionals in the esports industry and we want to continue this partnership to deliver more CROSSFIRE esports around the world.”

The three European representatives at IEM Expo Invitationals were “PENTA Sports”, “Flipsid3 Tactics” as well as “XQ Intense”. They challenged last year’s title holder and world champion “Super Valiant Gaming,” from China. The CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational 2018 took place on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 during the second weekend of the IEM Expo.

In their first international match, XQ intenSe defeated FlipSid3 Tactics and showed a great performance.

PENTA Sports surprised the audience by beating Super Valiant Gaming in the winners bracket and advanced straight to the Grand Final match.

Super Valiant Gaming eventually made it into the Grand Final through the lower bracket, and once again became the CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational 2018 champion by overcoming PENTA Sports by 2:1.


Breaks between all the exciting games were full of giveaways, contests testing fans’ knowledge about CROSSFIRE, challenges pitting them against professional team members or simply taking pictures with CROSSFIRE cosplayers.

After kicking off 2018 with CROSSFIRE IEM Expo Invitational, Smilegate will continue to develop and expand CROSSFIRE’s presence in the international esports scene throughout the year. More information will be announced through the official CROSSFIRE esports website.

To see more about CROSSFIRE at IEM Expo 2018 check the video done by our CROSSFIRE creator Mimiluna

and the gallery below. See you next year!