Publish your game with Smilegate


Smilegate Europe is run by a group of passionate gamers and people with years of experience in the gaming industry. That’s why we focus on quality. That is why we want to find the most original and interesting titles to add to our portfolio. We carefully consider every single application. There are many great titles out there, being developed by amazing people. Together we can bring those games to the day light and share our passion with others!

What do you need to know?

  • We look for different games from different genres.
  • We look for games to publish all over the world, not only Europe.
  • We look for F2P games.
  • We are only interested in games that are original and innovative.
  • We want games that are well designed and written, running on top of a stable technology, presenting an interesting art and sound direction.
  • We’re not interested in acquiring game ideas.
  • We won’t commit to supporting a project that’s still in a very early concept phase.

Don’t wait, get in touch with us and submit the game!